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Monday, February 21, 2011

student oh student(part 2)

i was s000 amazed of some of my students who are 'mix' (i mean kacukan la) some of them are 'chindian', 'indlay', 'chinlay' (even bumiputera like kadazan pon ade y kacuk ngn india, jadila 'kadadia' huhu) it's just not only that, the thing is they do know 3 or 4 languages( bhs cina, bhs india, bhs melayu n english) which is i think 'wow'..okey that was bonus point for them so they don't have to toil and moil like hell learning all that languages.*a bit jealous to them*huhu besides, we will be deceived by their face. seriously. when i look at them i was like, muke cam melayu tp india rupenye tp ckp cine aiyooo..pstu there's another person muke cam india tp nme cine then ckp mak aii pekat giler loghat utara die..huhu a bit funny huh. but thats the fact. In Penang there are a lot people like that (sbb sblm nih x penah jmp kn, juz tau theoretically jer.tu y cam teruja skjp.huhu) Allah is Great. Allah The Almighty.T_T HE did create us in various type and forms so we will know each other and then PRAISE HIM a lot.that's what makes us close to HIM. So, the one who should i amazed most is HIM. The Only One our LORD, ALLAH SWT. Have i praise HIM today? *seek forgiveness from Allah* forgive me for being astray and always wandered lost in the dark. forgive me for never thought about all the things you have given to me. I rarely thanked to you.Forgive me and forgive all the muslimin n muslimat.T_T ^^^^muhasabah diri^^^^^

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