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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

secret admire

oh gosh i know dis is crazy..but i cant stop myself being a 'woo' person..huhu actually im not. i dunno, i juz admiring him. i never see him angry which makes me so impressed with him. god i like dis chum. really! it might sound cliche but dis is da fact. crazy huh? yup, wat else 2 do. i like him (",) haha. siao liao! lol;p i've asked him once, i nver see u angry or in hatred thingy..or dun u have any angry hormone in ur body(hehe lbey kurg la..), then he said, its simple, u get nothing but a piece of crap. kalo marah pon bkn bleh settle problem pon..huhu damn he's rite. im gonna take n learn dis. btw, he's very suit with his job. God bless us!