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Monday, February 07, 2011

student oh student

i don't know how to describe this feeling now. i start 'meet'ing my students everywhere.huhu i mean in penang la. wherever i go i still meet them. haishhh (bahaye nih..xleh nk wat jahat depan students.haha)
they were like, "hai ticer...ticer kuar ngn sape...ticer nk p mna....blablabla" huhu x tau nk hepi ke nk sedih ke ble students tgur tgh jalan.huhu..errr... coz when i met them i will act like a friend. but in school i did treat them as students. really like a student. huhu so it was like....am i have 2 personality?? or being hypocrite?? or double characters....huhu pelik2.

btw, its good of them la sbb rjin duk btegur sapa me tgh jalan.haha but be out of my way. juz feel unease. still dont get it why.err sori yea my studs. luv ya!hehe


usop_zali said...

teacher sombong kt luar...haha

nutasa said...

usop: bkn sombong, berhati2..lol=p