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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

zero hour

today i got interview in uitm kelantan.huhu god i cant control my 'butterfly'.its scattered everywhere in my stomach.huhu cuak dowh.. i dont know why...but i'll try my best and giving all out! guys, please pray for me. thanx.=) n i would like to thank to this person 4 helping me find out about 1 Malaysia..huhu its kind of him..thanx dude!. God bless u!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

random thought (part 5)

unimportant. i hate dis feeling rite now. i knew dis would be bad sign for me. damn! life is unpredictable. A, u help me a lot throughout da years n i almost fall for u. but, B,u came n surprised me. that was so funny. (begging u better stay away from me otherwise i'd fall for u again.shit!) good bye old days. so long old friends. the holiday is here, we gradually change. n da most, i learn that to love is not sinful but to have contacts is. love without contacts is just as painful as loosing.god.i cant believe i say dis.huhu im aching. T_T

Saturday, May 07, 2011

i need a doctor

"I'm about to lose my mind
You've been gone for so long
I'm running out of time
I need a doctor
Call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor
To bring me back to life"

epic song ever! i luv da song...n if u dont u gonna need a doctor;p dis is da best ever i heard from dr dre n eminem. thnx 4 da song. i really need a doctor rite now.huhu T_T

fast five

god fast five is just awesome! i give u 5 star!! my Han (sung kang) is back. i tot he died in fast three.hukhuk vin diesel vs the rock. they're just like brother.huhu (technically yes sbb dua2 botak.haha) i bet fast five is going to be a hell of a movie..i cant wait for fast six.lolz no wonder its opening debut $80 million dollars..huhu god job though.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Oh My Lord! please keep me on the track. Ya Allah tetapkanlah hatiku. kinda lost.huhu seriusly. *sigh* T_T