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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Haha, Hi everyone, your beautiful young lady has been disappeared for a quite long time, kinda miss her huh?? yea I knew it! =P..kui3

Just as how you guys have expected, another long hiatus. Well, my sincerest apologies that this misery isn't going to end as I won't find myself updating in awhile. Thanks for all those daily hits anyway, you know who you stalkers are, and I really do appreciate them.

To hafidzah Uzir : I'm so sorry dear I can't upload yet da photos for the time being, kinda busy (n lazy as well...haha..hee=P..nnt la ek)

I had been busy and am still busy, and also the laziness and lack of mood, too many things that have to be done...(haha..yeah rite..)

I know I should be smacked for the sudden comeback and then the "already expected" disappearance thereafter. But, I should be forgiven because it's not really my fault that the education system make me stuck in it..(gosh! Campus life is s**k!! i hate it!!!! *banghead*.. Internet access at my campus is totally utterly inefficient...so many blocking maa.. ( of course we have to blame things around us...hak3 )

Not really in an uber good mood to blog anyway. Was updating just for the sake of it. Coming up later.

^^Praying Hard asking the STRENGTHS from HIM^^

Saturday, July 04, 2009

I hate this part right here

No I wasn't singing. (its only PCD's song..huhu) its just that I really hate that part that I gotta go back to USM....a crazy sem is waiting for me...its the time for toiling and moiling my head and my butt to all freaky stuff - assignment, quiz, test, tutor, class......lol ( sesungguhnya blaja itu jihad..huhu..insaf2..sob3..=P)

This holiday I thought, gave me most of the things I always wanted.

I travelled, I spent time with family, I met up with people I missed, I spent and I earned, I watched drama (british, american, french, korean, chinese, errr....hindustan..huhu, malay, and...ahah..cartoonsss, YM'ing..hehe googling and downloading, I lazed around, I relaxed, I… did a lot of things I wanted to do. Well all in all, I had a lot of fun in just this one semester break that I craved for.

A quote from oth would say, "Every song ends, but is there a reason to not enjoy it?" nope. But I can't help feeling distressed when it ends, can I? It's saddening, really, at the thought of leaving all these behind. All these precious little things that made me happy, all these time being at home with family and friends, all these tiny little moments that I'd do anything if I could, to freeze it.

As I look at the calendar, each day, each hour and each second I realized, is inching towards my going back to USM. OMG..its today..huhu (Am I going back today???)Aaargghh..I hate that question! I feel so upset, so disturbed, so distraught. I'm dreading it, to be honest. It's as though nothing over there is worth looking forward to, or to make me a happier person that I am already right now apart from studying. (Yes, you got me right! I love to study, I love to learn. I love to discover and do you have a problem with that?)eheh.....

Sigh fine. I'm probably not on mood now that I sound so pessimistic but who on earth would want to leave their comfort zones? But......(Like my teacher once said, comfort zones is too dangerous..Tarbiyah tidak akan dapat dicapai melainkan hanya kesusahan, kesulitan dan kepayahan)...huhu...I'm a loser then...O Allah, help me and put us in your true and blessing path..AMENN

**The Ultimate JOy ~MARDHATILLAH~ **

"And many a Prophet (i.e. many from amongst the Prophets) fought (in Allahs Cause) and along with him (fought) large bands of religious learned men. But they never lost heart for that which did befall them in Allahs Way, nor did they weaken nor degrade themselves. And Allah loves As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).(Surah: Aal-e-Imran, Verse #: 146 )"