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Monday, August 23, 2010

Reasons to smile=)

The night walk,
the late coffee,
the prayers as they could be.
Contentment of one that seek
the meaning of life in it.

Ramadhan Kareem.

For the chance to pray,
for the urge to sahur,
for the time to recite Quran,
for the fasting time,
for the tarawikh
and more to come,
I thank You, the Most Merciful.
Thank You Allah

huhu...just random thoughts. why am i lately talking like a poet. what i am? a laureate..haha absolutely nope! i don't know. lately i'm just freaked out. all i want to do is just go home. meet my parents, my siblings..so we can sahur n break the fast together. oh i'm so darn to be at home.T_T i miss my family ^_^ huhu

*****gambar hiasan semata-mata..hee=)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drops of favourite thoughts.

From the pages of unknown numbers to the first (second) new found page.

Hello life, I am back.
To share but not to reveal.
To give but not showing.

Life has been busy, but things keep me going.
Ups and downs, laughs and tears.
Lost some, found another.
Pick a moment of your most favourite,
cherish it while you still have time.
I am doing the best that I can.
Not too bad.
Living with things to ponder,
mistakes to be taken as reminders,
hopes of having tomorrow as a better place
to be.

Happy Ramadhan to you and you.

Have a blast one!