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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water Droplet

its still raining heavily outside. No wandering.
so, terpakse la berhibernasi kt bilik..*lol* haha
sejuknyeee...grrr....2 ari pose 2 ari ujan.
unfortunately i got sorethroat...arghhh..geramnyee...
dr smlm batuk x henti..gosh! i can't even sleep..
badan agk panas..(but pliz don't ever to think its h1n1)huhu..
mybe only light fever..*wink*
my fren said i'm too obstinate 4 not taking da medicine last nite.. (yeke..xdela degil sgt cme malas nk pkr, biar la dia baik sndri)
but still....i hate dis condition..it makes me uncomfortable..

oh god help me.T_T

Hope feel better soon!

Do pray 4 me yar..tenkiu2(^_^)

(musim berhibernasi lam bilik..huhu)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's come again

1 Ramadhan,
the most unwaited moment. I do always pray for my healthiness so i can meet again this fasting month. It's raining today perhaps the world were also welcoming dis blessed n blissful month. Thank You Allah for giving us dis month ~ month of struggling, reaching the highest peaks of iman.
I ensure i can gain da balanced diet-maybe losing 4 or 5 kg within one month (experienced from last ramadhan),
will i gain HIS blessing, forgiveness and escape from the Hellfire???huhu...
It's the main question that i should ponder and keep in mind. It's nothing to do with da diet..it's all about our soul then....*sigh* I don't want to just let it pass me by. I want to make good use of this blessing ramadhan, Insya-Allah. So, I hope you guys also have a 'big n good' plan to do in this fullest merits n virtues month.

One of the companions of the Prophet s.a.w said, “We spend half the year making du’a for Allah s.w.t to allow us to see another Ramadhan, and we spend half the year making du’a for Allah s.w.t to accept the Ramadhan that passed.”

"Ya Allah, Tuhan Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang, terimalah ibadah kami dan makbulkanlah doa kami, andaikata ramadhan ini yang terakhir buat kami, maka jadikanlah ramadhan ini yang TERBAiK untuk kami,amin ya rabbal 'alamin"

~Selamat Berpuasa & Beribadah kepada seluruh umat Islam~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mid-sem break

Thank God it's Friday. Praise be to Allah, I can finally let my butt down rest for a WEEK. Can't u see A WEEK..huhu Maybe a week means nothing to y'all but it's everything to me.. I can barely wait this moment and wish it will not end..*go dreaming*..(even though a week is like a day to me) Thank u to so called yu-es-em for remaining da holiday till its time..i mean following the schedule (of course not the special holiday - h1n1)..midterm break okey!*rolling eyes* ha3..Plus, we can celebrate our 1st Ramadhan at home.Awesome! ( excluded me..*sigh* )

Seems that we're in convocation atmosphere this week, so i can see a lot of 'doctors' here n there..haha..u know why?because there's a lot of people wearing safety protector aka mask which is looks like doc..huhuhu Good for them.

I was freaking out this first six weeks in this sem. Let me re-list back the things that are lying on my horizontal softboard over the past week or so ------>
^ visiting friends ^ hiking Gunung Jerai ^ preparing for presentation ^ attending talk ^ interviewing Malaysian Author - Prof. Muhammad Haji Salleh ^ finishing my assignment, assignment n assignment ^ waiting for my scholarship interview ^ practising netball 4 varsity team n lastly suffering from sunburn after netball tournament at Pesta Bola Jaring Pulau Pinang. (uwaa..tidakk,, abis burn muka ku....sedey3) Thank God i got a personal doc who's advise me to put aloevera gel...hehe..(coz sunburn make my face pedih n mengelupas) tp..lps buh gel tu alhmdlh ok dah..tp...=( muka cam arang la sket..huhu... I tell u what Penang is freaky damn hot! I hate it!! *banghead*
To my personal doc(future doctor):
Thanx 4 ur advices dan jg nasihat2 y byk ko kasi ak. Its kind of u n i really appreciate it. Plus, i got so many medic's vocab..huhu kind of u increasing my knowledge=) May Allah bless u ('',)

Now, put the suffering aside and back to holiday's mood. *grinning*. I'm going back to Terengganu tonight. Do pray 4 my safety..=) U guys too! Hepi holiday to all yu-es-em students. Have an enjoyable break! May Allah bless us, amin(^_^)