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Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's crapping again

I must have been very much disturbed now
to suddenly thinking of what i'm supposedly not
Once again i feel like.....

how do they do that?? *still wondering yet impressing

do what??eheh...playing piano (^_^)

sometimes i was like

how come people good (i mean very very good) at playing piano
very impressive (two thumbs up!)
i do fall in love with people who can play piano
i don't know why
i just like it

heh crazy..lol xD


♥Niesa' imana♥ said...

sy pun pandai gak men piano..hehehe..
newey,ahad ni sy stat imtihan...2-6 hb..xde gap plak tuh..
direct je paper..
doakan sy dapat wat yg terbaik ye..
paling ditakuti subjek "medical science"...yg salu bikin sy T_T..huhu..

akuhamba said...

saya pon pndai gak men piano..=p

nutasa said...

alyani> pndai kerr..=p all da best dear. smg Allah pemudahkan sgla urusan awk. Gudlak!

kkk> mnyibuk jer kje dier..haishhh