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Friday, April 30, 2010


Tasnim is in happy mode.for not big reason i felt happy today......keep smiling and smiling and smiling =] *grinn. maybe because today is friday aka 'sayyidul ayyam' (if i not mistaken laa sbb da lme tgl bhsa arab..hehe) urm maybe because i've received a calling from my parents this morning. i miss 'em sooo much.(God bless 'em) or maybe i got another reason to be happy too.errr maybe because of ********* too.i feel excited whenever ********* appears.maybe it's my 'soothing' thing.haha.....or maybe....i had a huge crush on *********.huhu did i??madness comes again.. lol XD

U know i am random
Hahaha ~.~


usop_zali said...

to many *********
hard to guess...=)

nutasa said...

usop> haha..ssh ke??..try lg..haha ********* indicate org y sme jerk... usaha tekun jaya...hehe=p