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Sunday, April 11, 2010

~h0ping f0r HIS bLessing~

Assalamualaikum, dear my blog n bloggers……..

Hola, bonjour, your beautiful young lady has been disappeared for a very very long time, kinda miss her huh?? yeah I knew it! =P..kui3

Just as how you guys have expected again, another long hiatus. Well, my sincerest apologies that this misery isn't going to end as I won't find myself updating in awhile. Thanks for all those daily hits anyway, you know who you stalkers are, and I really do appreciate them.

All those silly-silly things had huddled my life. Hell yes I’m freaking out myself doing those sucky things. Pheww! Thank god it’s over.

Cut down TT(talking time) No chattering(for the sake of saving times…h0h0)I mean for the time being la…so here’s a brief update of my pretty dull life since the last post.

I won’t tell u’l da whole stories word by word instead let the pictures tell u everythings..*winks! As they said pictures speak thousands words. So here u g0 :-

[ attending TOT (training of trainers) at KTD ]

[ attending Atiyah's engagement day ]

[ enjoying ourselves at Lost World Tambun ]

[ attending Farhah's wedding at Bagan Serai ]

[ visiting toy museum at Batu Feringgi ]

[ attending Asma's wedding ]

[ sight-seeing at i-city wif tiyah ]

[ SUKAD at USM Kubang Kerian ]

[ SUKAD - FH team netball at HUSM ]

[ attending NADWAH Zon Utara ]

[ doing microteaching ~ 8kali kot rakaman..huhu ]

[ involving in workshop writing module for Sabahan 1st Phase ]

[ watching teater "Cintaku Bersujud lagi" (not on purpose..huhu) at Dewan Budaya ]

[ attending kinda 'rehabilitation' WISE by my beloved murabbi Ust Abd Hadi ]

*photo taken from zubet's photos. tq 2 him^_~

[ attending interview for international practicum ]

[ attending khalida's bro's wedding known as MUABO..huhu]

*misi utama-nk jmp khlida jek sbnye..hee

[ attending TESOL post-graduate Colloquium ]

*saje p amek smngt utk bt master nt..hihi ^_^

[ involving in writing module for Sabahan....again..haihh..2nd phase plok ]

* nsb bek mkn sedap spnjg workshop nih...ngeh3=p

[ teaching tuition every weekend for lower secondary school ]

*huhu..penat dowh....T_T

******can u imagine my every weekends within 16 weeks full with dis xtivities...^rolling eyes^..


------------>i can't imagine IF all dis my full-xtivities-weekends didn't get any blessing or values from HIM..it's nothing....huhu na'uzubillah

......How bloody frustrated I am......='(


"O Allah, do forgives me, forgives my parents, forgives my family n all muslimin wal muslimat, Amin."

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