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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mid-sem break

Thank God it's Friday. Praise be to Allah, I can finally let my butt down rest for a WEEK. Can't u see A WEEK..huhu Maybe a week means nothing to y'all but it's everything to me.. I can barely wait this moment and wish it will not end..*go dreaming*..(even though a week is like a day to me) Thank u to so called yu-es-em for remaining da holiday till its time..i mean following the schedule (of course not the special holiday - h1n1)..midterm break okey!*rolling eyes* ha3..Plus, we can celebrate our 1st Ramadhan at home.Awesome! ( excluded me..*sigh* )

Seems that we're in convocation atmosphere this week, so i can see a lot of 'doctors' here n there..haha..u know why?because there's a lot of people wearing safety protector aka mask which is looks like doc..huhuhu Good for them.

I was freaking out this first six weeks in this sem. Let me re-list back the things that are lying on my horizontal softboard over the past week or so ------>
^ visiting friends ^ hiking Gunung Jerai ^ preparing for presentation ^ attending talk ^ interviewing Malaysian Author - Prof. Muhammad Haji Salleh ^ finishing my assignment, assignment n assignment ^ waiting for my scholarship interview ^ practising netball 4 varsity team n lastly suffering from sunburn after netball tournament at Pesta Bola Jaring Pulau Pinang. (uwaa..tidakk,, abis burn muka ku....sedey3) Thank God i got a personal doc who's advise me to put aloevera gel...hehe..(coz sunburn make my face pedih n mengelupas) tp..lps buh gel tu alhmdlh ok dah..tp...=( muka cam arang la sket..huhu... I tell u what Penang is freaky damn hot! I hate it!! *banghead*
To my personal doc(future doctor):
Thanx 4 ur advices dan jg nasihat2 y byk ko kasi ak. Its kind of u n i really appreciate it. Plus, i got so many medic's vocab..huhu kind of u increasing my knowledge=) May Allah bless u ('',)

Now, put the suffering aside and back to holiday's mood. *grinning*. I'm going back to Terengganu tonight. Do pray 4 my safety..=) U guys too! Hepi holiday to all yu-es-em students. Have an enjoyable break! May Allah bless us, amin(^_^)


♥Niesa' imana♥ said...

waa..balik tgnu upenye makcik nih..
jgn men mercun tau..hehe..=P
mesti x sabo nak melantak bubur lambuk time pose kan..??lalala..^_^

nutasa said...

>Niesa' imana,
haha..best kerr..blk ganu je pom..hehe
mn org men mercun lg cik kak skng nih..nnt nk rye bru men..kuang3=P
don't u ever mntion bout bbur lambuk..tgokkk..da kmpunan dh nih