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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Haha, Hi everyone, your beautiful young lady has been disappeared for a quite long time, kinda miss her huh?? yea I knew it! =P..kui3

Just as how you guys have expected, another long hiatus. Well, my sincerest apologies that this misery isn't going to end as I won't find myself updating in awhile. Thanks for all those daily hits anyway, you know who you stalkers are, and I really do appreciate them.

To hafidzah Uzir : I'm so sorry dear I can't upload yet da photos for the time being, kinda busy (n lazy as well...haha..hee=P..nnt la ek)

I had been busy and am still busy, and also the laziness and lack of mood, too many things that have to be done...(haha..yeah rite..)

I know I should be smacked for the sudden comeback and then the "already expected" disappearance thereafter. But, I should be forgiven because it's not really my fault that the education system make me stuck in it..(gosh! Campus life is s**k!! i hate it!!!! *banghead*.. Internet access at my campus is totally utterly inefficient...so many blocking maa.. ( of course we have to blame things around us...hak3 )

Not really in an uber good mood to blog anyway. Was updating just for the sake of it. Coming up later.

^^Praying Hard asking the STRENGTHS from HIM^^