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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

cupid's arrows

why on earth am i putting these pics anyway....LOL saje mood lovey dovey kli ni. please ignore dis post peeps ;D i've read dis, crush is when someone likes another, when they have butterflies, when they like hanging around the other...hurmm...i've tried and tried to walk away..but i know dis crush aint going away.huhu yet you got me hypnotized so mesmerized....damn!


wan mohd basyir said...

i want to ignore this post but like to drop by just to pray for you...hope u will be a strong muslimah and find the solution in every problem that you face...:)

nutasa said...

haha..thnx dik...ko mmg sntsa sokong ak kan...i'll pray 4 u to0. tk gud cre n smg bhgia dsamping tiyah tersayang=)