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Sunday, October 23, 2011


again i hate dis feeling rite now. i know dis is a bad sign for me. i have to blow it off before its starts spreading badly.huhu god keep me on da track.please..please..please (T_T) thanx baizura for all your supports.huhu i dont like dis person...datang dan pergi sesuka hati.damn! its soooo life..people come and go.i never expect them to come, but i never wish them to go...='( this couldn't be more unexpected..thinking of it, i'm aching...it hurts me a lot=(...dats y i hate dis feeling!!

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usop_zali said...

moga Allah beri kekuatan pada cik tasnim..m'jadi seseorang yg mampu utk terus berjuang...insyaAllah...=)