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Thursday, April 21, 2011

written in the stars

gosh dis song stuck in my head.i luv da song.'written in the stars' reminds my upbringing.huhu yeah dis song is basically telling u dat ur future is written in the stars so keep fighting for it n will come to u someday (of course our fate is already written by HIM) but 1 thing that make me keen on about dis song is he(da singer) did mentioning how money makes people go evil n change in a very bad way. everyone has dream to chase for money, but eventually money leads us no where which is totally utterly true. people gone crazy.damn! enjoy da song though.

"Oh Written In The Stars
A Million Miles Away
A Message To The Main
Seasons Come And Go
But I Will Never Change
And I'm On My Way"
-by Tinie Tempah ft Eric Tuner

im merely human.*seek HIS forgiveness* T_T

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