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Monday, April 18, 2011


i get my life back..i officially ended my degree life. April 15 is independence day 4 me(is it?..lets just pretend..haha).huhu freedom is finally in my hands but it doesnt taste as sweet as i imagined. i dont why. i was like....eh abih dah blja?huhu..deng! but the 'kids' (refer 2 my students) do touched me deeply. seriously. i was so touched by them. though they a bit naughty but they do know how 2 appreciate people. God bless 'em! i'm speechless bcoz i do nothing but they gave me something which i do feel like...oh dear..dis is sooo sweet...*love* n now i feel awkward bcoz today is monday but im not in school anymore...huhu..deng...missing my students much!x0x0 T_T

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