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Monday, January 17, 2011

mode:love teaching

i cant believe this.huhu i started to love teaching.thanx to Allah for giving me such good and obliging students. they are all tender hearted only just a bit naughty. BUT sometimes they act like an evil.huhu teaching form 4A and 4E make me like tuttt...aarrghh because they are 2 obviously different classes and need a lot of tranquil and forbearing.huhu O Allah please help me. Thank u Allah. ok, i gotta go. my new 'hubby' is calling me. oh LP i love u. Thanx 4 make me 'sick'.damn!


wan mohd basyir said...

opsss....like teaching??it is the best to be a teacher...gudluck and be a nice teacher ya...=)

nutasa said...

basyir: ceh ko nmpk aje ak like teaching yek.huhu ni pon depends la. kalo ank murid ak ok so mood ak baek la kalo tak...hurmm...im da most cruel teacher in da world.h0h0h0h0