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Thursday, January 13, 2011

In a relationship

Now i'm "in a relationship" with Lesson Plan. huhu crazy huh! who cares!huhu u know why. because i keep thinking about 'him' day n nite, every single day n every second! god i'm truly in love! in love with 'Rancangan Pengajaran' huhuhu shitto. there's no cure. i'm sick lover. 'He' steal my freetime. 'He' never leave me alone. 'He' always by my side. even in my dream, i dream of 'him' gosh! i can't hide from 'him'. 'He' always chasing after me. really this is bizarre! huhu kalo lah 'he' ni org btul kan best.huhu im still waiting.T_T penantian satu penyeksaan. Thanx for Greyson for singing this for me "waiting outside the lines". i luv greyson. *luvluvluv*

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