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Sunday, October 11, 2009

wHaT A Relief!

It’s been a long, hectic, exhausting week for me after the Hari Raya break.

Mentally, emotionally, physically. I didn’t think I would be this drained.

Even in my sleep, I am not in peace! I’m plagued by dreams,way, only to have them plunge me back into harsh reality when my alarm starts ringing.

Quiz, assignments, presentations, final reports..argghhI never knew my brain can work this hard.

And now, what a relief, I’m free from those sucky things before the bloody hell final exams appear soon. Aaaaa…I don’t want to talk about it! Let’s skip it!

Last night, is our freedom night. All the TESOLians should clap your hands for our work done..*lol*.

Not really in uber mood in talking too much.

Just showing you guys some nice pics during lantern festival at USM. We’re having our great time there.


a nite in da lite.......yippe!

nice shot! Credit to me..ahaks *winks*


akuhamba said...

xcantik pun
em cik tikus mondok pn pndai brgmbq ka?

akuhamba said...
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mar said...

makcik!!! sedey nyer luahan hati...
tak buzy no life pe...LOL..
meh la uia..de pesta convo..best!!

nutasa said...

akuhamba: mustilaa..igt si tembun ja ka y pndai bgmbq...kuang3=p

mar:huhu tenkiu2 krn berempati ngn nsb ku..hah p uia??errr...ncik sponsor ker??leh jerkk....hahhaa

akuhamba said...

si tembun sangat comel...lalala~

nutasa said...

akuhamba: comot n chubby=p

basyir said...

dah mmg begitu sifat kehidupan kak...kehidupan tanpa ssh dan sng...tidak akan terasa kemanisannya..=p

nutasa said...

okey...i accept dat.....but still.....arghh....dunno wat 2 say....=(