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Sunday, May 08, 2011

random thought (part 5)

unimportant. i hate dis feeling rite now. i knew dis would be bad sign for me. damn! life is unpredictable. A, u help me a lot throughout da years n i almost fall for u. but, B,u came n surprised me. that was so funny. (begging u better stay away from me otherwise i'd fall for u again.shit!) good bye old days. so long old friends. the holiday is here, we gradually change. n da most, i learn that to love is not sinful but to have contacts is. love without contacts is just as painful as loosing.god.i cant believe i say dis.huhu im aching. T_T


wan mohd basyir said...

luahan perasaan..hehe

nutasa said...

eh yeke...ak rse mcm ak bt syair=plol. hehe besa la dik, diary ja tmpt ak buang smph.haha