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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

secret admire

oh gosh i know dis is crazy..but i cant stop myself being a 'woo' person..huhu actually im not. i dunno, i juz admiring him. i never see him angry which makes me so impressed with him. god i like dis chum. really! it might sound cliche but dis is da fact. crazy huh? yup, wat else 2 do. i like him (",) haha. siao liao! lol;p i've asked him once, i nver see u angry or in hatred thingy..or dun u have any angry hormone in ur body(hehe lbey kurg la..), then he said, its simple, u get nothing but a piece of crap. kalo marah pon bkn bleh settle problem pon..huhu damn he's rite. im gonna take n learn dis. btw, he's very suit with his job. God bless us!


basyir said...

so...jgn marah2 ye kak...kene cool je selalu...hehehe...masalah??hidup mmg masalah...senyum,fikir positif dan bertindak secara rasional...there are nothing impossible with Allah sake and allowance..(betul ke ayat adk ni kak...hahaha)

Laiyyinur Harir said...

hehehe.lawak la tas nie.
did he knew dat he had an admirer???

nutasa said...

basyir: tu ar...i hav 2 cntrol my anger. i wnt 2 be like him=) hee..okey be rasional tasnim, berusaha!! hehe nwy, ayt ko tu btol jerk...allowance pon allowence lah..haha=p(jgn mare)

angah: haha..lwk ker..alaa..abis serius dh ckp nih..hehe no, he didnt n he will never know kot...haha

K-Addicts said...

hi, bloghopping here..nice post!