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Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's Saturday. Saturday reminds me about last week. My parents went for pilgrimage to mecca last Saturday. Sending them to airport is the most hate part. (huhu x suke3) they're leaving. I can't stop my teardrop to fall down. I burst into tears. I don't know why. It's just my eyes want to cry huhu...ok off with the sad part...now come to the dazzle part which is i never ever ever do this before but last Saturday i did. I've mentioned his name for the first time and his prayers as well to my mum.crazy huh?..huhu...*blushing*.....I don't know..it's just my mouth want to say that..hehe...(I hope my parents will pray the best for us)...and also my relatives' and friends' prayers because they said mecca is the holy place where our prayer would be accepted and fulfilled.huhu amin! May Allah granted us syurga jannah and obviate us from hell, amin.

**Smg my parents selamat pergi & selamat pulang, amin ^_^


akuhamba said...

laa xbace lak hok nih..kehkeh, namanya siapa?Oooooo kantoi

nutasa said...

aisyyy...ad skmo hok nih...ado la..mno leh oyak..umi jah tau...haha